Effective corporate tax planning is complex and wide ranging. Aspects of planning includes advice on:

  • Suitable financing arrangements
  • Appropriate business ownership structures
  • Efficient profit extraction arrangements

We advise best practice on ever-changing tax environment re: new legislation, Irish and EU/International court rulings and changes in Revenue practices and procedures.

Income Tax Planning

Tax planning is not about providing clients information and expecting them to work out what is relevant to them. O’Boyle & Co. pride ourselves on working with our clients to understand their particular circumstances and requirements then providing timely and suitable advice helping clients organise their tax properly. We also analyse their objectives and devise suitable and workable tax-based solutions to help meet their specific goals.

Tax Compliance

We ensue that tax payments are made and tax returns are filed within the statutory time limits. Failure to meet one’s self-assessment obligations can result in needless interest costs or late filing surcharges and revenue attention. At O’Boyle & Co. we advise on optimum, timely tax payments and help prepare and submit tax returns.

Revenue Audits

O’Boyle & Co. have decades of in-depth experience of helping clients to deal with Revenue auditors. The Revenue Commissioners have significantly increased the number of Revenue audits they conduct, as part of the operation of self-assessment. These are now widespread for income tax, corporation tax, VAT and RCT. Tax return services as standard include pre audit health checks. This is done to help avoid a revenue audit. In the event of a revenue audit we liaise with the Revenue Commissioners during the audit and negotiate settlements, where necessary.